Friday, August 5, 2011

Life Happens....

     So I know I said I would (try) blogging everyday. Well LIFE happened and we spent our evening with a friend in the E.R. The good news is he is okay and all is well. The bad news is, I failed yesterday to write a post. DAY 2 and I've already failed us both. So to make up for it I will write 2 posts today!
***Lucky you***

      So this post is primarily going to be about one of my all time favorite people. She is beautiful, goofy, fun, happy, silly, make-you-laugh-til-you-cry, kinda girl and well we just so happen to be related. She's the one and only sister of mine (of course I have a few I've adopted as sisters, but she's the read deal folks)! The reason I am posting about this girl is because she is in Arkansas and has been for five weeks already! It's been a long five weeks, but I have one more week left to go and we will be reunited! 
Plus posting about her gives me the opportunity to share a few of my favorite photos of her. 
I think they show her personality off!

isn't she PURDY

yep.. she's a goofball
i love how rainey looks in this picture (a.k.a. slightly annoyed by her auntie)

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