Saturday, August 6, 2011

Busy Busy Busy Bee....

FYI: I need to stop opening my big fat mouth.
I never get all that I want accomplished.
For example: posting 2 times yesterday. Ah well...

    We went up to Cooper Spur for dinner and came home to a house full of people!  

My Niece Keira

Nephew Kaden

sister Tonya (in-law)
(like I said before... I have a few I've adopted as sisters),
and brother-in-law Kris
(he's like my big brother, fun to tease).

So you'd think we would spend our Saturday having fun, right? Nope. Tonya and I cleaned this house from head to toe while the boys played all day. We still aren't sure what they did for 5+ hours.

Tonya & I discovered a new use for the Swiffer Sweeper...
cobweb killer!!!
 it's pretty ingenious
we also used it to clean the window sills & such.
so much faster than your average rag and ladder

Cousin Love <3

remember how I told you our room was lacking design?
yeah.... here it is.
it's an eye sore. i know.
but it will be a good transformation, right?
here's one wall from our room.
it had a hole in it for a whole year before we made it look like this...
time to get a move on with this project!

this is what the kids are doing now....
which is what I am about to go do!

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