Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blonde No More... Ink Face... Pinterest

Super Cheesy Grin... I know... I guess I'm overly excited because....
I'm not blonde any more!

So I worked my normal day today and went and got my hair done and then...

I came home to my hubby lookin' like this:

and he wonders why I wouldn't kiss him!
So he was working on the lawn mower and needed something to plug the fuel line. So he came up with the brilliant idea of plugging it with an ink pen he had on hand. Well the ink somehow soaked into the fuel & while he was working on it today, it exploded all over him.
I repeat...

i <3 my hubby!
he makes me laugh so much...

also... have you heard of pinterest yet?
i love the site. i love, love, love, love it! it's easy to get lost in the pinterest world.
i've "pinned" so many things...
you should check it out.
it's like a digital pin board for designers and such to create boards of things you like!
it's hard to explain.. but it's totally worth checking out...
specially if you are planning weddings, or redesigning your house or even just decorating!
i'm in love with it

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