Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1st Ever Blog Giveaway!

Starting NOW!

Are you ready for this one???
What can I say about this giveaway....

Well for starters, it's Christmas related.
(Of course )

Second, it's something you put on a Christmas Tree!

Third, it's personalized to cater to you.
(Yup... any letter of the alphabet... All 26...I can do!)
(Aren't you proud?)

Know what it is yet???

Personalized Christmas Bulbs!
Specially for YOU!
Set of 12!
Original Source here.

To enter you must be a follower either by e-mail or by Google friend connect.

Google friend connect is located at the bottom of my blog.
Email is to the upper right-hand side of my blog.

Then you have to tell leave a comment telling me your
most favorite thing about Christmas tree decorating!

Please don't leave a comment as "Anonymous"
I wont know who you are.

Giveaway will be closed Monday, November 7th, 2011 at 11:59 pm (PST)

My most favorite thing about Christmas Tree Decorating is all the memories I have.
Like this one year I leaned over a candle and my hair caught on fire.
Not all of it though.
It pretty much just died out itself before I even knew what happened.

Good Times!

Excited to see what you all post!




  1. I think what I loved most about Christmas tree decorating as a kid is that no matter how ugly our "homemade" ornaments were my Mom still let us put every last one of them up!! We would make treats and blare Christmas music while we set it up. I always looked forward to it.


  2. Just watching a child help decorate, to see which ornament theyll pick first to put on the tree....also great conversation time :-) Dane loves to hang piece at a time! So fun TEENA

  3. My favorite thing about decorating the christmas tree is bringing the ornaments out of the box and all those memories that come with them! Beautiful ornaments by the way Talia!!

  4. My favorite thing about Christmas Tree ornaments is that each one of them have there very own story. When my children were small their grandma started a collection for each of them and now they have their own family to pass on the stories as they put their trees up each year. They have even followed through with the tradition.