Thursday, October 27, 2011

Master Decoration

Remember how I posted pictures of our bedroom?
These ones?

well i finally got around to picking a bedroom color
i finally got around to painting the room
i also got around to painting & distressing our dressers...

wannna see?

i know you do...
so here it is!!!

don't mind the mess in the hallway.. mmmkay?

now i know it's not perfect yet.. but it is really hard to decorate when you live in the boonies.
decorating takes time and frequent shopping trips
i'm very limited on both of those things

but it's a start and i'm so glad i finally got rid of the ugly green

you want to know something funny?
i placed a grey paint chip color on the wall and ryan
asked why i would paint it the same color....
i sometimes forget he is color blind.
it all makes sense now...

it's still a work in progress...
but at least it's better... right?


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