Wednesday, November 30, 2011

House Update

About 2 weeks ago. We decided to see if our house had hardwood floors underneath the carpet.
Our thought was that our house was so old, there HAD to be wood floors, right?
This house originally never even had a bathroom. It had an outhouse.

Do you remember what our carpet looked like before?

Here's a picture you can see it in:
I know you can't see much of it... 
But you at least get an idea of the beautiful colors.

So we started by ripping up carpet in our hallway.
Underneath the carpet was old linoleum tile.
Underneath the linoleum tile was particle board.
Well over by the door the particle board was rotted out…
Cha Ching!
Wood floors after all!
*Happy Dance*

So our weeknights and weekends have been bombarded with getting all those layers of flooring out the door.
It’s been a lot of hard, hard work.
I have blisters, bruises, and calluses to prove!
I don’t have any pictures for you now,
but I promise they will come when I can find my camera in my mess of a home.

Excited to be posting pictures of it soon!


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