Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things that make me smile...

I made a list of thing that make me smile to make me feel better.
Here they are:

Things that make me smile:

-laughing so hard that I cry. {or snort}
-staying in a bubble bath until all the bubbles are gone.
-when a storm turns into a light drizzle right before I go outside.
-when everything you are cooking gets done at the same time.
-when my iPod shuffle reads my mind.
-when I forget I ordered something online and then it randomly shows up. 
{happens all the time, I'm just really forgetful}
-a little kid who is at the age where they say "hi" to everyone.
-catching up to a car that just passed me at the red light.
-when someone leaves a building at the same times as I do so I don't have to touch the door.
-when a red light turns green as I approach it.
-staying up so late that everything is funny.
-somehow waking up at the right time even though I forgot to set my alarm clock.
-when the person I'm meeting is even later than I am.
-dancing like a dork when you're home alone.
-when a cop finally passes me after following behind me for a what seems like forever.
-when my pup is really excited that I'm home.
-popping bubble wrap.
-when I'm really tired and about to fall asleep and someone (it's usually my mom... never my husband) throws a blanket on me.
-when you come home to a crock pot dinner that smells irresistible.
-when I wake up to puppy kisses.
-when I realized everything that happened, fell perfectly into place.

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