Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ryan's 30th!

I've been a bit incognito lately. 
Sorry! :(

BUT is was due to the fact that I was so 
busy getting ready for my hubby's 
(SURPRISE) 30th Birthday Party!

Surprise birthdays are hard to pull off. 

Especially when you live with
the person you are suprising.

I spent hours worrying if he was going 
to walk in while I made the invitations or
worrying he'd catch me in a little white lie.

I was relieved when he finally knew about it.
Probably because I am a horrible liar.

I couldn't remember what I had and hadn't told him.
I had out of town guests hiding from him for a few days!

All in all though it was worth it.

Here are a few pictures from the party.
Table Decorations

My Family... Gotta Love them!

My Niece Kinzee with her Mom & Dad :)

The Infamous Couple that set Ryan & I up... :)

Mike & Maria

Nano & Ashley

Ryan's Uncle Kelly, Aunt Jill, & Uncle Stanley

Rich & Danae

Teunis & Grandma Pat

Hank & Kate

The Birthday Boy

My niece Keira... She was upset we were having Ryan's party on her birthday!
So Grandma Lori made it all better by buying her Cinderella's Castle!

I was new to planning a surprise party...
So here are a few tips I would have found helpful from my experience:

1. Plan the party a week or 2 before their actual birthday. 
It's more of a surprise.
They will have a sneaking suspicion
the closer it gets to their birth date.

2. GO on lots of "girl" (or "man") dates to get away... 
You'll need every spare moment.

3. Use Pinterest to help for any quick 
decorating ideas or even invitation ideas.

4. Make sure your plan to get the honoree party person
to the destination doesn't involve too many people &
make sure you are all on the same page for your story.

Those are just a few things....
I'll post the invitations here soon.
You'll love them.
Thanks to Pinterest for the idea!

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