Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life (aka House) Update

Hey everybody!!!
Life sure has been busy here...
But when is it ever not?
Christmas has come and gone...
Sad day...

A new year is here...
Where does time go?

Lately our time has been busy with the
holiday hustle and bustle...
With a side of redoing our floors.

Back in November I went to the beach without the hubs and he calls saying,
"Hey babe... Don't get mad but...
 I ripped up all the carpet in our house!"

I'm thinking.... "Yay!!! That carpet is gone!"
I'm also thinking..."crap... What does our house look like?
What am I coming home to?"
Underneath the carpet was just some linoleum &
 underneath that was some particle board....

I was secretly wishing there were wood floors.
I mean this house is old.
There would HAVE to be wood floors, right?

The hubs calls again a few hours later and says,
"Babe! Guess What?"

I'm thinking... "You just spent $500.00 at home depot, huh?"
"There goes my spending cash... huh?"

"There's wood floors!!!!"

Wood Floors!!!!
***Happy Dance***

Here's Ryan carrying out the carpet...

The Carpet

See the wood floors??? :)

Tiles where the wood floor wasn't....

Rainey being her usual helpful self
pinning down her papa with a million kisses... :)

You can see the hideous carpets...
So glad to be rid of them.

There weren't wood floors underneath all of the carpet.
***sob sob***
(This 850 square foot house has been added onto 3 times!)
We happened to hit part of the addition which didn't have
the old wood floors & had to tile the floors instead.

So that's our house update...
As far as Christmas goes...
It came and left much too quickly this year.
Every year I try to buy a few new
(but matching because I'm anal)
Christmas ornaments for our tree.
This year, I found the

<3 at first sight

Unfortunately... All I have for a picture of our whole tree is blurry!
Of course I hadn't noticed until I tore down the whole thing....

Have you seen those ruffle tree skirts on pinterest?
The no sew ones?
Like this one here!

I made one...
Of course mine pictured isn't as beautiful....
Dang camera...
Why was it blurry??
Oh well...
Here's the blurry pic anyway...
You get the idea, right?

That's the latest here....
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas
& a happy new year!

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  1. Thanks for sharing....fun to see how the younger people live...you're off to a great start :) Aunt Teena