Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I'm just gonna go out and say it...
Today has been a rough day for me. I've been flooded with past memories of a special person throughout my life growing up.

I learned very early on today that a friend from school has passed away.
His name was Barney.
I remember teasing him constantly about "Fords" being a better ride than "Chevy's" mostly just to get down and bug that Chevy heart of his. It pains me to think of his smile, his hug, and the way he talked.
To think that I will never see that smile again, pains me to no end.
The thoughts running through my head, "What was my last interaction with him?" "Was it all I wanted to be if I had known it was my last time seeing him?"

At this time, all I know to say is, Rest in Peace Barney. You will be missed.
Much Love,


  1. im sorry about the loss of your friend, Talia.


  2. All I can do is echo Izak and say I am sorry to hear about your good friend Barney, I have went through this same thing also but an Angel helped me through it. Love!